Certified Professional Freelancer

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What you will learn

  • Comprehend the importance of freelancing as a new and future trend.
  • Discover main aspects of freelancing that you should know before starting it.
  • Be aware of the ethics which freelancers should follow.
  • Learn the core skills in 10 areas of freelancing.

Target Audience

  • This course is best suited for any type of freelancers who work, inform, or inspire others. Freelancers can include freelancers, self-employed and any person provide a service without a commitment.


  • Computer with internet connectivity.
  • Basics of English language.
  • Knowledge of IT basics.


Developments in Freelance work over the past decades have produced profound changes in the structure, design, and delivery of work and services.

With the Certified Professional Freelancer course, exam and certificate, acquire the latest freelance skills and knowledge needed to ensure a successful and inclusive freelancing experience in an online world environment.

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