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Frequently Asked Questions

💡 Shall i register as a seller or buyer?
✔️ Simply, if you are looking to sell a service (Be a freelancer) select "Seller", if you are looking to buy a service, select "Buyer"
💡 What does a "gig" means?
✔️ Gig is the service (Gig) the freelancer publish on yesifreelance.
💡 How much is the fee on yesifreelance?
✔️ Selling fee is 18% including withdrawal fees, Buying fees is 10% fixed Non-Refundable
💡 As a buyer, can i refund my money ?
✔️ Once order is marked as completed, it is not possible to refund or cancel for any reason, if the order is cancelled the money will be refunded to the balance in yesifreelance, you can ask to refund to PayPal only excluding the processing fees.
💡 How can i change my username, email address, withdrawal accounts?
✔️ It is not allowed to change the username and email address, for withdrawal account, you have to open a support ticket.
💡 My account got suspended, how to activate it again?
✔️ Once any account got suspended it means you have abused our ToS, there is no way to unsuspend it or use it again.
💡 How can i close my account?
✔️ To deactivate your account, visit the edit profile page then the settings tab and deactivate the account, noting that we only deactivate and will not delete the account.

✔️ Please visit our help page for more information.

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